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    We characterize the nano-part
    of your product – reliably!

Nano-Characterization-Lab Münster

You need reliable data about the nanopart in your product for regulation authorities or your quality management?

Give us a call! We will provide you with specialized companies which have the necessary experience in detection and characterization of nanomaterials in different products and biological systems.

The coordination of the project and the presentation and interpretation of data is provided by a principal investigator, who also guarantees compliance with common secrecy and quality standards.

Our process

1. Problem analysis

In compliance with standard secrecy agreements our experts discuss with you the preparations and analytical tests as well as the time frame necessary for the full characterization of your material.

2. Data acquisition

The acquisition and validation of the different analytical data is handled inside the consortium under the supervision of the pricipal investigator, who also acts as your contact point for intermediate reports.

3. Data interpretation

During the whole characterization process all data are validated with regard to relevance and integrity required for the quality management or accreditation of your product.

4. Dossier

The result of our process is a comprehensive description and interpretation of all data in a format suitable for your quality management or regulation requirements.

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